EnviroStar Waste Service, Inc.
P.O. Box 24285
Blue Springs, MO  64013-4285
(816) 220-3227

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Customer Service:
Maureen York

Owned & Operated by
Melvin York,
Maureen York,
Bob Baldwin




Weekly Residential Service billed bimonthly - effective March 1st, 2008...

Blue Springs - $18.00 per month
Grain Valley and Oak Grove - $17.00 per month

98-gallon Residential PolyKart for household trash $3.00 per month

Yard Waste Removal......6-Month Plan (May through October)
                                          $78.00/year or $6.50/month, billed year-round
                                          bimonthly with trash.
                                       9-Month Plan (March through November)
                                          $99.00/year or $8.25/month, billed year-round
                                          bimonthly with trash.
                                       12-Month Plan (January through December)
                                           $117.00/year or $9.75/month, billed year-round
                                           bimonthly with trash.

Recycling Progam $5.00 per month - see details on Recycling page

Each option includes weekly yard waste removal which follows our regular service schedule, and one of our durable, ninety-gallon yard waste carts for residents to keep and use year-round.  Additional carts are available by order.  We also offer a $2.00 per bag, call-in service for customers who are not signed up for a Yard Waste Plan.

Invoicing and payment posting completed in a timely manner.  With E.W.S., your service - and your dollars - stay in Jackson County.

10% Senior Citizen's Discount on all residential services!!